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Letter Refusing to Pay for a Charge on your Credit Card

A letter informing a merchant or credit card company that you will not be paying for a charge on your credit card.

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Service Description

A letter refusing to pay for a charge on your credit card is a document that is typically sent to a credit card company or merchant to dispute a particular charge on a credit card statement that the cardholder believes to be fraudulent or incorrect. The letter is usually written to explain why the cardholder is refusing to pay the disputed charge and request that the charge be removed from the credit card statement.

When writing a letter refusing to pay for a charge on your credit card, it is important to be clear, concise, and factual. Begin by clearly stating the reason for the dispute and provide any relevant details about the disputed charge, such as the date and amount of the charge, the name of the merchant, and the specific goods or services that were supposedly provided.

Next, explain why you believe the charge is fraudulent or incorrect. This may include identifying any unauthorized transactions, billing errors, or instances where the goods or services were not as advertised or were not received at all.

It is also important to provide any supporting evidence that you have, such as receipts, emails or other documentation that can help to substantiate your claim. Be sure to attach copies of any evidence to the letter for the recipient to review.

In addition, include a clear statement that you are refusing to pay for the disputed charge and that you would like it to be removed from your credit card statement. Be sure to include any relevant account information, such as your credit card number and the billing address, to ensure that the recipient can locate your account and process your request.

Finally, provide your contact information and request that the recipient contact you to confirm receipt of the letter and to discuss the resolution of the dispute. It may also be helpful to suggest a timeline for resolution, such as requesting a response within a certain number of days.

In conclusion, a letter refusing to pay for a charge on your credit card is an important document that can help to protect your credit and resolve issues with fraudulent or incorrect charges. By following these guidelines and providing detailed and factual information, you can increase the likelihood of a successful resolution to your dispute.

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